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ChatGPT is not fit for
business consumption

ChatGPT has exploded in popularity since its launch in November 2022. However, businesses should be concerned about sharing confidential data into the public ChatGPT platform, as that data may be used for training and appear in responses to other users outside your organization.

Even with the ChatGPT Enterprise product, it is complex to integrate your various data sources, keep the data regularly updated, maintain accurate categorization of the underlying data, and ensure granular access control.

The main interface option is via web-based chat, requiring users to break away from their usual process and copy/paste data between applications.

Your private, secure, custom, integrated and data-powered Business Assistants & Automations

Always-On Data Integration

The platform contains a comprehensive set of pre-built connectors to securely integrate with a wide range of data sources, including document/file storage, email, collaboration software, CRM, CMS, chat platforms, databases, and many more.

The data is synchronized regularly, ensuring the Assistants remains up-to-date, relevant, and able the access the full dataset.

Data Security & Access Control

Our Assistants feature enterprise-grade data security and access controls; they can be hosted in a public/private cloud or on-premises, and the data storage is secure and only accessible to those with the appropriate access.

This allows a mix of users to access the same assistant but only receive responses based on the data they are permitted to access.

Enterprise Integration

Our Business Assistants go beyond a chat interface - we identify and implement the optimal integrations for your Assistants - this can include email clients, web browsers, and  chat/communications platforms.

We also facilitate integration into your business applications via an integration platform and a flexible API layer.

Browser & Email Integration

We provide native browser and email integration, allowing the assistants to integrate into your day-to-day workflow and extend third-party web applications to deliver business intelligence based on your data straight into any text prompt or email while maintaining a full context history.

No "Hallucinations"

The Decoder Platform has been configured so that all the responses are 100% based on the underlying data, without "hallucinations"
commonly seen on public GPT platforms.

Each response paragraph includes a citation. Sources can be instantly checked to ensure the validity and relevance of the results.

File Generation

The output also goes beyond just text responses; the Assistants can generate data visualizations, reports, and files (e.g., Word and Excel), which can be delivered via email, mobile app, or chat platform.

The Assistants can deliver files straight into your document storage platform.

Enhance Efficiency and Drive Competitive Growth with
Decoder's Capabilities

Generate content

Unlock the power of AI-driven content creation. Our advanced Generative AI technology is your strategic creative partner, capable of generating high-quality, relevant content, based on your integrated data sources, tailored to your specific business needs.

Whether it's crafting compelling marketing copy, producing informative blog posts, or drafting engaging emails, our Business Assistant streamlines content creation, ensuring consistency in tone and style that resonates with your brand identity.

Free up valuable time and resources, foster creativity, and maintain a consistent voice across all your communication channels with our innovative content generation capabilities.


Create reports

Transform the way you visualize data and report insights. Leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of Generative AI, our solution is designed to turn complex data sets into comprehensible, visually appealing reports and dashboards.

Whether you need to analyze trends, track performance, or present data-driven strategies, our Business Assistant simplifies these tasks by creating intuitive and insightful visualizations.

These bespoke reports and visualizations not only aid in better understanding your data but also in effectively communicating key information to stakeholders, enabling more informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Data analysis

Elevate your business intelligence by leveraging the Business Assistant's data analysis capabilities. This sophisticated tool delves deep into your data, uncovering valuable insights and patterns that might otherwise remain hidden.

It is adept at processing large volumes of data from various sources, providing comprehensive analysis that informs strategic decisions. Whether you’re looking to optimize operations, understand customer behavior, or identify new market opportunities, our Business Assistant equips you with the data-driven clarity you need.

By turning raw data into actionable intelligence, it enables you to make well-informed decisions that drive your business forward in today’s data-centric world.

Deploy Custom and Cost-Effective Assistants with
Pre-Trained Assistant Roles

Each Business Assistant is trained and finely tuned to fulfill the roles and processes that deliver the most value and save costs and time to your organization across departments.

These custom roles have been pre-trained - once the data is connected, they are ready to customize and launch rapidly.


Sales Assistant

Enhance your sales approach and your sales team operation by providing real-time data analysis, lead prioritization, and tailored customer engagement content.

The Assistant automates routine tasks, allowing your sales professionals to focus on building relationships and closing deals. With its intelligent insights, the Sales Assistant helps in identifying upsell opportunities and forecasting sales trends, driving revenue growth efficiently.


Marketing Assistant

Streamline your marketing efforts by analyzing market trends and consumer behavior, developing go-to-market strategy and generating tailored marketing content. The assistant helps in creating targeted marketing campaigns, understanding customer segments, and measuring the effectiveness of different marketing channels, ensuring that your marketing efforts resonate with your audience and deliver maximum ROI.


CEO Assistant

Our CEO Assistant is designed to be the ultimate executive support tool. It assists with schedule management, strategic planning, and critical information aggregation. This AI assistant keeps you informed on industry trends, company performance metrics, and provides summarizations of important documents and reports, allowing you to focus on high-level decision-making and leadership responsibilities


Reporting Assistant

The Reporting Assistant transforms data into insightful reports. It automates the process of collecting, analyzing, and presenting data, making report generation quick and efficient. Whether for internal assessments or stakeholder presentations, this assistant ensures that your reports are accurate, comprehensive, and visually engaging, facilitating easier interpretation and decision-making.


HR Assistant

Streamline your HR processes by answering employee questions related to company policies, benefits, and procedures, and supporting with general HR tasks such as tracking performance evaluations. Ts actionable insights into workforce trends and employee satisfaction, helping to create a more engaged and productive workplace.


Recruitment Assistant

Revolutionize your hiring process and enhances talent acquisition by assisting with job spec generation, resume screening, candidate ranking, and initial communication. It helps in identifying the best-fit candidates quickly and efficiently, ensuring a smoother and more effective recruitment process.


Legal Assistant

The Legal Assistant aids in document review, contract analysis, and legal research, providing support on routine legal tasks. This assistant helps in identifying and summarizing key legal points in documents, ensuring compliance, and staying updated with relevant laws and regulations.


Research Assistant

The Research Assistant efficiently sifts through vast amounts of data, web content, and industry reports to provide comprehensive insights and summaries on a given topic. Ideal for market research, competitive analysis. Ideal for exploring new market opportunities, and staying ahead of industry trends. The Research Assistant streamlines the process, delivering precise, curated content to support your objectives."


Customer Support Assistant

Elevate your customer service with our Customer Support Assistant. Capable of supporting inquiries by providing instant responses, and escalating complex issues, this tool ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. It learns from interactions to continually improve its responses, providing personalized and efficient support around the clock.


Strategy Analyst

The Strategy Analyst provides comprehensive market analysis, competitive intelligence, and strategic recommendations. It assists in identifying opportunities for growth, evaluating business trends, and developing informed strategies that align with your company’s goals and the evolving market dynamics.


This is a selection of our pre-built connectors to securely integrate with a wide range of data sources.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage service.


HubSpot is a customer platform with all the software, integrations, and resources you need to connect your marketing, sales, content management, and customer service

Office 365

Office 365 is an enterprise collaboration platform for messaging, meetings, and file sharing.


Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage, document organization, and document templating services.


Slack is an enterprise communications app that lets users send messages and attachments through various public and private channels.


Box is a cloud storage service that offers file hosting capabilities.


How is my data secure?

The Business Assistant and data store is deployed in a private cloud instance segregated to your organization. Any imported data is stored within this siloed data store and cannot be accessed by any other organization or used for model training. We also utilize fine-grained data access controls, so the Assistant will only generate responses based on data that user has access to.

What data sources do you integrate with?

We have created over 40 pre-built connectors of the most popular business applications including document/file storage, CRM, CMS, collaboration platforms, chat applications and more. The list of connectors is constantly growing and we can also develop custom integrations, based on your specific requirements and infrastructure.

Can I just access the Business Assistant via a chat interface?

We provide integrations for the Assistant to be used via email clients, chat (e.g. Slack and Teams), browser extensions (Chrome & Safari), native desktop and mobile apps. We also provide custom integrations into business applications, so the Assistant's capabilities can be available directly within existing business processes via our flexible API.

Does the Assistant just generate text output?

The Assistant can create text, structured data e.g. tables, charts and data visualizations. We also have a beta suite of integrations that generate documents (e.g. Word & Excel). The output can be created as email drafts, CRM leads or CMS posts. Custom integrations are also available.

How personalized is the Assistant for my business?

Our Assistant comes pre-trained with a broad range of knowledge based on the specific role (e.g. Sales). We then begin a training phase specifically for your business, which is initially via a set of questions to be answered via the chat interface. We then integrate with your data sources and analyze the data to further train the Assistant. Finally, we run in a pilot phase, where you are able to feedback on the Assistant outputs, to ensure the training has been successful. These steps ensure a fully personalized Assistant for your organization.

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Realize the superpower of  AI Business Assistants & Automations with the Decoder Platform

Supercharge every department with Business Assistants & Automations
tailored for your organization and powered with your unique data.